Rules Before Tour

• You need a driving license must be over 24 years old

• The route is guided with a qualified tour instructor and it’s very important at all times to follow

the guides instructions.

• Cannot exceed 70/80 km/h.

• At the beginning of the activity, there will be a practical introduction of the vehicle. Too easy!

But in event that the participant shows clear difficulties in driving correctly, the possibility of

modifying the tour will be assessed.

• It will be mandatory to give a $500 deposit for each Ryker the same day of activity. It can be paid

cash or by credit card and will be returned in the same way once the tour is over.

• The activity postponed or canceled because of the weather conditions, but we will reschedule

either on a later time or another day.

• Booking can be done via our website or at our office.

• For changes or modifications, you must notify 48 hours in advance.

• The cost of the tour is $250 including a companion, for an additional driver we will charge 49$

• Duration of each tour will be 3 hours


I fully understand the Insurance coverage with $2,500 Deductible which covers any damage done to the bike. Without you are 100% responsible for the full msrp value of the bike and or any damages that may occure whether or not the driver (you) are found at fault! Any bodily injury claims, damage to property including third party must be claimed through the drivers (your) primary auto insurance carrier.
This coverage means that you are 100% responsible for the full $2,500 deductible amount in the event of any comprehensive/collision claim. You the (Driver) am soley responsible for common damages including curbed wheels, cracked plastics, minor/major scuffs and scratches etc up to $2,500.
We highly recommend you FULLY understand this coverage.

Additional Info Confirmation

• Confirmation will be received at time of booking.

• transportation Minimum age to drive 24+

• A $500 deposit on credit card is required at time of rental (Refundable if the
bike is in the same condition upon return)

• Passenger options available 18+


Our Vehicle

Is it a motorcycle? Or a quad? Call it what you want but they are unique. These vehicles offer
accessibility and fun they are uniquely designed to explore the island.
The Can Am Ryker is equipped with innovative high performance Rotax engine that offers total power
and versatility. Its also has ABS with traction control and maximum stability to offer 100% safe and
reliable driving.
The objective of this tour is to have fun with a new driving experience in a futuristic vehicle.
So lets go for it, lets discover how far you can go on the streets of the island.
Stop wondering if it’s a motorcycle or scooter because they are not. It’s a Can Am Ryker.